Kick Drum Microphone Mounts - The Kelly SHU™ Bass Drum Microphone Shock Mount

The ULTIMATE Kick Drum Microphone Isolation and Shock-Mount System.
Our PRO Series mounts are made from machined #303 Aluminum with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Integrated Shock Mount Isolation System for Kick Drum Microphones.
Our COMPOSITE Series offers the affordability of injection molding, using high-density compounds.

- The Kelly SHU™ -
Internal or External
Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mount System.

The Kelly SHU™ is a whole new approach to kick drum microphone mounting systems. Both internal and external installations of the system utilize the bass drum's pre-existing hardware, which then becomes the framework for an integrated kick drum microphone shock mount and isolation support system.

The Kelly SHU™ provides your favorite standard kick drum microphone the shock-mounted, suspended platform needed to ward off stage vibration, low-end soundwave transfer and other mechanical interferences from clouding up your kick drum signal. The lengthy isolation cords provide an effective disconnection of the microphone from the kick drum and the stage that the kick drum sits on, both at the same time.

The KELLY SHU kick drum microphone mounting system will eliminate the requirement of a separate stand, boom arm and bulky counter-weight for the kick drum microphone. Not only does the system save you valuable floor space, but you'll also save time at set-up because the microphone can stay with the drum during transport. The Kelly SHU™ will stay in place, remaining positioned exactly where you want it every time you move and set up the drums! Just plug in and GO!

The Kelly SHU
™ provides countless mounting positions - the adjustment possibilities are virtual unlimited! The system can be installed either inside the drum or on the front of the drum with both installations having equal benefit of the isolation and shockmount properties of our suspended system. Detailed instructions for both installation options are included with each system.

A few minutes, a tool to fit your interior tuning lug hardware screws and a pair of scissors is all you need to install The Kelly SHU™. It really couldn't be easier! For external installation, the scissors alone will get the job done. The Kelly SHU™ accepts standard XLR bass drum microphones and clips with no drilling required for installation!

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