Kick Drum Microphone Mounts - The Kelly SHU Pro™ Bass Drum Microphone Shock Mount

The ULTIMATE Kick Drum Microphone Isolation and Shock-Mount System.
Our PRO Series mounts are made from machined #303 Aluminum with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Integrated Shock Mount Isolation System for Kick Drum Microphones.
Our COMPOSITE Series offers the affordability of injection molding, using high-density compounds.

- The Kelly SHU Composite™ -
Made from high-density composite materials.
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

NOW AVAILABLE - The Kelly SHU Composite™ Series.

The Kelly SHU Composite - Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mounts
The Kelly SHU Composite™

Kelly Concepts, LLC is happy to announce the availability of The Kelly SHU Composite™. The Composite Series Kelly SHU™ mounts offer the same functionality as our Kelly SHU Pro™ systems at a price that fits anyones budget.

Our Composite series Kelly SHU™ mounts are incredibly strong and durable, made using high-density reinforced compounds, injection molded under a tremendous amount of pressure. The Kelly SHU Composite™ accepts any standard kick drum microphone that has a threaded base or mic clip.

All the installation components that ship with the Composite series mounts are the same as is included with our Kelly SHU Pro™ Systems. The System requires NO DRILLING for installation!

The Kelly SHU Composite™ series also gives you your choice of our exclusive internal and external installation options, both within the same product. Complete instructions for both options are included with each Kelly SHU™ shockmount.

The Kelly SHU Composite System includes ...

  • The Kelly SHU Composite SHU Mounting Unit .
  • 10 Installation Adjustment Holes w/ Grommets.
  • 16 Support Cord Hooks.
  • 2.75 ft of Solid Rubber Support Cord.
  • 8 Interior Installation Loops.
  • Universal Microphone Post w/ Standard Threads.
  • Oversized Jam Nut.
  • Complete Installation Instructions.
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty.

$62.00 Retail
Our Price - $51.95 USD.

Kelly SHU Composite.
Shipping charges will apply. Nebraska Residents charged 7.5% sales tax

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$62.00 Retail
Your Price - $51.95 USD.

Engineer's 3D Drawing - The Kelly SHu Composite.
The Kelly SHU Composite™ Main Mounting Unit.
Available only in Black.

The Kelly SHU Composite - Kick Drum Microphone SHock Mount and Isolation System.The Kelly SHU Composite LOGO Detail. Superior Craftsmanship!The Kelly SHU Composite - internal or external installation options.

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