Internal Kick Drum Microphone Mounts - The Kelly SHU™ Bass Drum Microphone Shock Mount

The ULTIMATE Kick Drum Microphone Isolation and Shock-Mount System.
Our PRO Series mounts are made from machined #303 Aluminum with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Integrated Shock Mount Isolation System for Kick Drum Microphones.
Our COMPOSITE Series offers the affordability of injection molding, using high-density compounds.

Kelly SHU™ Systems

News & Reviews
The Kelly SHUsystem was recently reviewed by U.K.'s Rhythm Magazine.
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U.K. based magazine "Performing Musician" published a product review of The Kelly SHUsystem in their May 2009 issue.
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The Kelly SHU system was nominated as one of the product picks during NAMM University's "Best In Show" breakfast session, Summer NAMM 2009.
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The Kelly SHU FLATZ™
Internal Kick Drum Boundary Microphone
Isolation & Stabilization Systems.

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"Better Than A Boom Stand"

Stage vibrations and low-end transfer can rob your amplified kick drum sound of it's full potential. A shock-mounted kick drum
microphone platform is logical defense against these unwanted mechanical interferences.

The Kelly SHU™ is an integrated shockmount and microphone isolation system adaptable to any standard kick drum microphone and any size or depth of kick drum. The system requires 0% of your valuable stage or riser space and eliminates the need of an additional microphone stand for the kick drum mic. NO DRILLING is required for installation.

Kelly SHU™ Systems

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Renowned drummer and Published Clinician "Tiger Bill" Meligari did one of his Bottom Line video reviews on The Kelly SHUSystem.
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So, why should you use The Kelly SHU™ System?
  • Run a cleaner kick drum signal right from the start.
  • Achieve consistent mic placement from show to show.
  • Use your favorite standard kick drum microphone.
  • Enjoy the ability to change microphones easily.
  • Eliminate another boom stand.
  • Save valuable stage or riser space.
  • Save time at load in/out.
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"What a fantastic idea The Kelly SHU™ is, does exactly what it says on the tin and it allows you to position the mic just where you want it, all that without the use of a stand. PERFECT!!!!!"
-- Big Mick Hughes, F.O.H. Engineer - Metallica

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